Andrii Sacheva – ukrainian musician, violinist, composer and producer. Born into a musical family. He began learning to play the violin at the age of 4. His first teacher was his grandfather, Ivan Stelmashuk, who despite being self-taught, managed to inspire in his grandson a great appreciation for music. Andrii’s taste in music developed in different way. In his family home there was an abundance of vinyls containing recordings of classical music. Paganini’s Caprices interpreted by Oistrakh, music of Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky were among the family favourites; as well as recordings by Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. All of these artists were a part of Andrii`s childhood and helped form his musical taste. One vinyl though in particular attracted his attention, containing music radically different from that which was to be found in the oeuvre of the earlier mentioned artists – this music was created by The Beatles. From this point on rock music became a fixture in Andrii`s life. After years of attending music school, and studying at the Rivne State Humanistic University and the Katowice Music Academy, it was obvious that classical music would be a part of his repertoire along with jazz and rock music. Thanks to the influence of his younger brother he discovered techno and electronic music.

The breadth of Andrii`s horizons found its way into the path his musical career took in its initial stages and flourished fully when he began composing music with a greater sense of awareness. Many producers and critics speak highly about Andrii`s ability to blend styles and genres to the point where such labels become meaningless and all that remains is the music. This he achieves through combining elements that at first may seem incongruous, but in the end create interesting and surprising contrasts that work extraordinarily well in his compositions and recordings. While playing in the Rivne Philharmonic chamber orchestra Andrii led his own band, called “Chess”. Together they experimented with improvised music and world music. In 2010 the band recorded its debut album entitled “Mini Mini”. About the same time he began to experiment with club music and collaborated with many DJ’s. His project “Violin DJ” was well received by audiences both in Ukraine and Poland and resulted in the release of several pieces with the cooperation of producers such as Cuefx (Poland), Sub Sonic (Bulgaria), Montana (Russia). In 2013 Andrii Sacheva along with the Finnish producer Jelessi recorded the album “Salacious Jelecious” for the label Bear Beat Records (Italy). The single “Street Views” received attention both on the airwaves and in the music press.

The Polish story. In 2011 Andrii Sacheva was the recipient of the “Gaude Polonia” scholarship, offered by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. During the course of the scholarship he was able to study jazz improvisation under the tutelage of professor Henryk Gembalski and managed to continue these studies after the completion of the scholarship after enrolling in the Academy of Music in Katowice. During the course of the scholarship Andrii completed a project for solo violin entitled “Grafika”, inspired by minimalism and the concepts explored by Mark Feldman in his album “Music for Violin Alone”. In Krakow he met composer Anastasia Arkhangorodska. They formed a duet called “Elvio DUO”, dedicated to playing electroacoustic music with electronic sound manipulation conducted in real time. This love for electronic and experimental music resulted also in collaborations with the famous Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevych; performing in her projects which graced the stages at GogolFest, EM-Visia, Electroacoustica (Ukraine).

In the years 2011-2014 Andrii co-led the “French Connection Jazz Quartet”  along with his friend Aleksander Korsun, Kiev based drummer. The remaining members of the quartet were the famous Ukrainian double bass player Mark Tokar and piano player Stanislaw Chumakov. The quartet played original compositions penned by Andrii, which were collected into a compositional cycle entitled “Dancing Kids”. The quartet played at various festivals and clubs in Ukraine. Among the more notable performances of the group one can count: Koktebel Jazz Festival, “Gramy Dla Jarka Smietany” (charity concert for Jarek Smietana), “Theme with variations”- Oleksij Kogan’s Masterclass, “44” (legendary, now defunct jazz club in Kyiv), “Gostynnyj Fest”, and numerous shows at the club Jazz’va.

The year 2014 signalled a return to Katowice. During this time Andrii began studying at the Institute of Jazz located by the Academy of Music in Katowice and pursued creating music to two animated short films; one based on the life of Henryk Tomaszewski, directed by Agnieszka Kotulska and the second titled “The Fifth Horseman” directed by Barbara Rupik. Both of these projects were realized at the Fine Arts Academy in Katowice. The following year Andrii formed the jazz quintet “Sacheva Group”, made of Krakow based musicians with whom he plays his own original compositions.

In 2017 while finishing his degree at the Katowice Music Academy, Andrii released an EP titled “Elusive Signs”. This project was the cumulative effect of all his past experiences and knowledge acquired over the course of his studies. Invited to take part in the recording sessions were new musicians whom he met during the course of his studies.

“Elusive Signs” nominally put under the catch-all phrase “indie music” escapes such easy classifications. The music contained on the CD is an attempt to combine the sounds of australian indie, british alternative rock, jazz and electronica. The album was recorded without the use of guitars which is atypical for an album of music proclaiming to take inspiration from indie music. Over 20 musicians from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Spain were invited to take part in the recording process. The album was released on the 28th of June, 2017 under the patronage of SJ Records. Jacek Gawlowski, Grammy award laureate, was responsible for mastering.

This project has its roots in the music created years earlier in his French Connection Jazz Quartet. Not only does Andrii partake in this project as composer but also as producer, sound producer, multi-instrumentalist (playing violin, percussion, piano, synthesizer, ukulele), back-up vocalist.

Soundwise the album breaks with stereotypical conceptions of what a violin “should” sound like. His instrument is transformed through the power of Moog synthesizers, and takes part in the music not only as a melodic or harmonic voice but also as a creator of rhythm. Employing irregular meters, and dense polyrhythmic landscapes the music realizes its paradoxical goal of creating tension while at the same time lulling the listener into a trans.

Five tracks on the album contain vocals. The lyrics of these five songs tell stories about Katowice, its myths and legends, as well as referencing the street art and architecture that create the cities unique ambiance. The vocals were realized by the Lithuanian vocalist Ida Sevelkaityte, Dana Vynnycka (soloist of the band DagaDana) as well as the young Polish jazz vocalist Julia Kania.

The album was included among the list of best recordings of the summer of 2017 according to Vogue Ukraine and was included on the list “Best Music Albums 2017” of the Japanese magazine Latina. The project is under the honourable patronship of Katowice City of Gardens.

In 2017 Sacheva moved to Krakow thanks to which he has the possibility to perform more frequently with his quintet. He actively participates in various masterclasses (among the most prestigious of these being a collaboration with the Chicago Philharmonic). This same year Andrii gets to meet his idol, Mark Feldman, with whom he had the chance to study during his residence at Krzysztof Penderecki’s European Center of Music in Luslawice.

In 2018, Andrii Sacheva played several solo concerts presenting “Elusive Signs Live Solo Mix” in Polish and Ukrainian clubs, realizing by himself the material found on the album through the use of analogue synthesizers, loopers, violin and Ableton Live.

September 2018 saw the release of the single “Man in the Gyre”, which saw Sacheva once again adopt the role of producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. The recording features once again  the voice of Ida Sevelkaityte, who is also the author of the text. Besides collaborating on “Elusive Signs” and “Man in the Gyre” the pair have also performed several times as a duet.

Fascinated by the technical aspect of music production, Andrii has been concentrating on creating in the studio, pursuing among other projects which combine music with film. The result of these endeavours were successful collaborations with video bloggers on films such as “Expats – Madrid” by Andrey Burenok and “Bakota” by Ukrainer.

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