violinist, composer, sound producer


I’ve decided to create a place where I will be able to collect all my musical endeavors, which don’t always prescribe to the definition of one musical style or performance format.

My name is Andrii Sacheva. I am a musician, violinist, composer and producer. Some may associate me with the classical music community, others may have seen me perform with DJ’s. In 2010 I became interested in jazz music and composition, after which I created the French Connection Jazz Quartet and took part in many other fruitful collaborations. Today I am focused on working in the studio, creating music to commercials and films, producing indie/pop/rock, leading my jazz quintet Sacheva Group, as well as developing my solo LIVE electronic project in which I blend violins and synthesizers into a fresh and exciting sound.

All of this may seem like a lot of activity for one person, but this is exactly where my dreams lead me as I want to experience new feelings and sounds. To put it simply I would like to reflect in sound the whole world with all its grandeur, majesty and diversity…

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